Knowledge management boils down to reuse

The effectiveness of any effort to manage knowledge depends completely on how much knowledge is actually reused. Knowledge capture without reuse is like a parked car, it has potential value but not actual value for you.

Reusable knowledge comes in thin slices in the right context

To be reusable, knowledge needs to be both easy to process and drive action. Research shows that knowledge captured in “thin slices” that are easy to read and understand and delivered to the right person at the right time significantly increase knowledge reuse with significant effects on quality (Gawande, 2009)*.

*Gawande, A. (2009) The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

Checklist + wikis = checksheets

Yolean Checksheets are designed to combine the easiness and structure of checklists with the ability of wiki-like documents to capture knowledge in an incremental way. Our checksheets are the perfect combination of structure and flexibility to capture complex knowledge in a reusable way through the power of thin slicing.

The power of what, why and how

It is only when you know what to do, why to do it and how to do it that knowledge feels reusable. The structure of Yolean Checksheets is exactly this for each thin slice of knowledge that is captured. Leave out any one of those components and you are likely to lose knowledge reuse altogether.

Right knowledge to the right person at the right time

By tagging each thin slice of knowledge with the context for its reusability the visibility of that knowledge to the right person is secured. Yoleans flexible tagging makes it easy to ensure the right thin slices of knowledge will pop up at the right time to guide the right person in their work.

Making knowledge reuse visible

The part that we love about our checksheets is not only the simplicity with which knowledge is made reusable but also the visibility of knowledge that has been reused. This ability comes from the checklists and creates transparency around which knowledge has been reused and which knowledge has not making it easy to answer “are our deliveries in line with the best of our knowledge?” and, if not, why?

Which knowledge WAS considered?

When picking up the deliveries from a previous project it can be of crucial importance know which knowledge was used to guide the work with that delivery. With Yolean Checksheets knowledge reuse will leave a trace and help a future project to redesign or reimplement an existing solution and thereby inrease its speed and accuracy.

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