Frames is now a part of the new labels function

Frames is now a part of the new label function

Yolean: 3.13

Frames is now a part of the new label function. The frames will look the same but it is a slight difference in how to add them to a note. As seen in the picture below the toolbox now have a new visual appearance which is easier to understand, especially for new users.



Removing old frames using the new tool

When a note is no longer considered a risk, you may want to remove the frame set to visualise the risk. This is accomplished by adding the new label for Risk (decorated with the same red frame as before), and then removing the same label again. Note that this workaround should only be necessary for a brief transition period.

Filter dialog

The new feature Labels is per note type and therefore we have changed the filter dialog to support this. In the new version each note can have its own labels as seen below.

The old version is using attributes for frames
The new version using labels.


You can find more information about labels here: