Yolean: Yolean Construction


What is a milestone?

A milestone is used by the construction manager to encourage mutual responsibility between everyone involved in a construction project. We visualize milestones as a vertical line put on a specific date spanning over the whole project, so people easily can see that this applies to everyone. We now encourage you to create milestones instead of regular notes because this shows the importance of a deadline in a more perceptive way.

A milestone is placed in time using drag n drop

How to get milestones

Admins will set up milestones through the project settings and as a result enabling milestones for the project. The milestones will appear next to the stack of notes and can be created in the same manner. Note that you can only have one milestone instance per milestone at a time.



You can remove the milestone from the board and also see the activity of a milestone in the details panel as seen in the picture below.

Milestone activity
Milestone Activity