My Commitments

My Commitments

Yolean: 3.13.5

What is a My Commitments?

My commitments is a board-type where you can see your commitments which you are currently working at. In this example picture, you are working in an organisation called “Organisation 3” and you have committed to do something in 4 different projects. You have three activities planned where two of them you have already completed and one is left to do. You also have a Delivery to make for Project Dolores in week 11.

My commitments board
Rows can behave in two different ways. Two rows are rendered as permanent rows and are a darker gray color and two rows are a lighter gray, this is temporary rows.


Permanent rows

A permanent row in My Commitments is added when you have assigned yourself to at least one permanent row in a plan board. Permanent rows do not disappear when they are empty and is therefore suitable for long going project you are working on. A permanent row can be changed later by navigating to the project plan board and archiving it. This will make it to a temporary row.


Temporary rows

For each plan that you have at least one task assigned to yourself, but not permanent row exists, a temporary row is created. Temporary rows are removed from the view when they become empty. This is so you always can see what you have committed to do and to what project. Temporary rows is great when you only have a few tasks in a project for the time being but you don’t want it to stay as a row later when you have nothing planned in the project.


Tasks not associated with a plan show up in the top-most “inbox” row just like before.


How can I add or remove a permanent row?

Rows are set to permanent or temporary from the plan board for the specific project. You can navigate to a project from My Commitments, just click on the row name and Yolean will take you to that project.

  • Be on the project plan board for which project you want to add or remove a permanent row.
  • Click on “Make permanent” on your row to add it as a permanent row.
  • You can make a permanent row a temporary row by archive it. Right click on your row and choose archive, not to worry, plan boards also display temporary rows. We will always display your notes.


Where can I find my commitments?

My commitments have moved into your organisation and can be found as a the first board listed.

My commitments navigation
My commitments is always first in the board list.