New functionality for Relation creation

Creating relations with other tasks

Yolean: 3.12+

We have implemented a new way to create relations between tasks. This will make it easy for both touchscreen and keyboard and mouse users as seen below.


Use the menu and “Add relation” to create a relation to another task


How to

To create a relation, start by opening the task toolbox and click the “Add relation” button. When you have toggled this button the note will give you information that it is ready to create a relation. Now you simple drag the task to any other highlighted task to finish the relation.



We have also implemented the Shift key as a fast toggle for relation. If you want to create a relation using shift, just hold the shift key down and drag a task to any highlighted task. The targeted task will indicate that it is ready to receive a task.


Note! If you want to escape this function when already in relation mode simply push the Escape (Esc) button.