Yolean for Project Management



More substance, less administration

Our solutions are based on several years of academic research and widespread usage in practice. With our unique solution teams can self-organize around issues and deliveries without losing transparency or overview. Experience the fantastic feeling of communication that flows and project teams that keep the pace autonomously!

Engage the team with our simple method and tool!

Simplicity is at the core of everything we do at Yolean. The board is intuitive and the common activities are as simple as sticky notes on a whiteboard. The power of digitalization is included!

Besides easy to use solutions, we are proud to provide our customers with a proven process for introducing Yolean to the whole team that makes you efficient from day one!


Good-bye ineffective meetings and long e-mail threads! Hello Yolean!

Yolean combines support for effective meetings with support for engaging your team members between meetings. This is the recipe behind successful teams that drive projects together!

Effective communication, even in distributed team!

Effective meetings in distributed teams require structure and clarity. With Yolean both are acheived without hassle.

Right person engaged at the right time

With our e-mail notifications and interactive filters engaging every team member in the right questions is easy.

Interactive filters

Focus the discussion? Or get an overview? Redirect the meeting discussion with a click!

Follow-up and reporting in a few clicks!

Teams with delegated ownership for questions and deliveries can easily gain speed but lose coordination. Yolean makes follow-up of the status in the project an easy task. Our list view complements the board and makes it easy to report to or engage stakeholders outside the project team (such as steering committees or customers).

Who is accountable for what?

And what risks of falling between chairs?

What is the status?

Get a quick view of what is promised, done, decided, late or blocked.

What is answered?

What is commented and what are the comments? Yolean gives you answers!

Which are the hard questions?

And what is driving costs? Using labels you'll quickly find what is critical!

Export and engage!

Compile information from the board without a bunch of manual work with our export functions!