Yolean for Site Management



Synch your teams

Do you need to synchronize several teams in one location?

...or lots of teams in lots of locations?

With Yolean you'll keep things running smoothly!


All jobs in all locations in one easy scan

Plan jobs that repeat...

with jobs that are unique per location

Communicate effectively

Mobile view

E-mail notifications

PDF prints

Yolean keeps you updated on the plan, regardless of where you are located!

Convert your team's knowledge into efficiency gains

When you plan together and visually you can see where time and money can be saved
Catch lessons learned from one location and reuse in other locations. In Yolean you can improve your project continuously. One location at a time!

Curious on how the lead time can be cut in half using Yolean's visual planning? Read about one of our customer's projects in Germany that acheived this.

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