Using PPC/TA

Using PPC/TA metrics

In Yolean for Construction, we have created the possibility of creating weekly PPC/TA metrics for your project.

What do the numbers mean?

The PPC/TA metrics are only calculated on method notes, i.e. delivery, question and job notes, and only includes accepted notes.

PPC (PPU in Swedish) stands for “Planned Percent Complete”, and shows what percentage of that weeks method notes are closed.

TA stands for “Task Anticipation” and shows what percentage of all method notes planned from today and forward, are planned more than three weeks from today.

How do I use them?

On your board, in a week grid, PPC/TA numbers will be shown in the column header, below the week number.  You have to manually decide when you want to lock the metrics for the current week, which is done by clicking on the numbers. Locking means that the numbers will be saved and not affected by any changes made after that point.

For passed weeks, only locked numbers will be shown, so make sure to lock before the week is over!