Visual management makes hidden value flows visible...

It can be flows of work, deliveries, material, decisions or information. Visual management is a catalyst for people to meet on a regular basis and communicate to self-organize based on progress, obstacles and needs for decisions in daily work. This communication keeps the work flowing and visual management is the tool through which the pace is kept. 

...and Yolean can help you implement visual management!

At Yolean our goal is to help you implement visual management that stimulates and facilitates communication around tasks, deliveries, obstacles and questions.We have packaged years of our own academic research and experiences of implementing visual management with our customers to bring you an optimal way of introducing and sustaining visual management. With our visual management knowledge and products we are certain to help you optimize the flows that today are mostly hidden in your organisation.

Training services

A crucial first step is to get everyone on board concerning the purpose and usefulness of visual management. Yolean offers both traditional training with lectures and written material as well as interactive training with instructor-led tutorials and even a board game combined with reflection (more details below).

Playing a game to understand the power of visual management

We have developed a fun and engaging game through which your colleagues quickly experience the positive effects of visual management! The participants are involved in a portfolio of interdependent projects in which they need to plan and communicate to synchronize with each other. As work progresses and deviations occur they need to replan continuously. A dice decides what goes well and what doesn’t! We play first without and then with visual management combined with reflection so the participants can experience and reflect on the difference!

Implementation services

Our implementation support covers aspects related to tools, methods and behaviors.


The configuration of the visual management tools takes its input in your daily flows that need to be optimized. Through consulting we help you define what you need to visualize on which type of boards. The outcome is typically a configuration of how our digital visual planning tools can support you in combination with additional boards that may be digital or analog where other information can be visualized.


The visual management method has two parts. One is related to the tools and covers aspects such as:

  • how to use colors
  • which types of preset views are important for the daily work
  • what information to capture in the board to support the flows you want to achieve in an optimal way.

The other part is related to the meetings and communication that you want to stimulate, again from the perspective of the flows you want to achieve. Typically we look at details around the visual management meeting itself such as:

  • structure
  • frequency
  • agenda
  • duration


The tools and the method will give no effect unless the behaviors around them are appropriate. We have experience from how to promote productive and necessary behaviors as well as how to tackle their opposites. The purpose is to create positive experiences around visual management that are going to support to achieve the flows that are needed. Typical advice can relate to details in the tools and the methods as well as aspects around communication or physical or virtual aspects where meetings take place.

Coaching services and metrics - to achieve the flows you are looking for

In your visual management you want to ensure that implemented tools and methods have a positive effect on the flows you want to achieve. We offer additional support by being able to extract data from our tools that show the visual management method is being used as intended. We also help you define other measures that can indicate a positive effect on the flows you want to achieve. In case any of these indicate that you are not fully reaching the flows you set out to achieve we have years of experience to gage in on possible root-causes and solutions to further strengthen your visual management.


At this point you are at a level of visual management knowledge and usage that you can continue to improve and adapt to changes in the flows you want to achieve. Congratulations and have a pleasant journey! We are always a phone call away if you have additional questions!

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