Visual Planning 3.8 – Improved team work!

Yolean Visual Planning 3.8

A big step forward for your team

Yolean Visual Planning 3.8 is a big step-up for teams working in several projects. We introduce new features to make a great team planning tool even better. Finish deliveries on time and with calmness. Even in complex work environments with many parallel projects. It has never been as easy as now.

Pick a few...

Each team can now specify which plans that the team is working on.

... so that you can focus on one thing at a time.

When you see everything you achieve an overview, when you filter on one thing you achieve focus. Now you can get the best of the two at the same time. Focus while still keeping an overview!

Change your plan, right here.

You no longer have to leave the meeting board to put the right task in its right context. Create notes related to a specific plan on the spot! ?

Filter on notes

If you want to only see a few types of tasks at a time. Now you can!

Embrace the power of color

In the team meeting, color notes by project to help distinguish notes that belong to different projects or plans.

Planned deliveries timeline

Some times important things happen outside the team's responsibilities. Now other teams' deliveries can be seen from inside each team meeting board.

Short titles

When your projects have really long names, the team may only be interested in a fraction of that name. Now it's easier than ever to keep track of relevant projects.

Join a team with ease

Become part of a team board at the click a button.

Read how to use some of these new features here

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