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Our core principles


Use your senses. Through colors and visual cues, Yolean gives you the full picture in the blink of an eye.


Work as a team. Whether you’re all in one place or scattered across the globe, Yolean will bring you together.


Don’t complicate things. Yolean’s user-friendly interface makes getting started as easy as drag and drop.

Our approach

Your team experience = our top priority!


Our intuitive products are a great start towards successful teamwork. Equally important is engagement and participation of your team. Besides our products we provide you with:

  • Effective methods for teamwork in meetings and between meetings
    (we have even written a book about it (in Swedish)!)
  • Simple onboarding of your team to Yolean

That’s why we have free demonstrations, how to’s and amazing support. We call it "the Yolean experience".



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