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Visual Planning

Sticky notes are more powerful than Project Software. We have perfected them.


Deviations are critical, we make them visible and traceable.


Checklists help you remember the milk. Checksheets help your company grow its knowledge base.

Visual Management Quick Facts

Yolean’s visual management software combines the simplicity of the wall-based method in the front end with the power of advanced data management in the back end.
data driven continuous improve -ment

Using our visual planning software will allow you to keep the visibility and transparency of knowledge work while at the same time enabling you to extend the use of visual management to include team members from other sites or organizations. It further allow simultaneous interaction in real time on different screens, and most important, it gather historical data to help you identify and quantify bottlenecks in the flow of work.

  • Deployed in 11 countries
  • Over 97 000 tasks manged in our cloud
  • 5 Clients in the automotive sector
  • 1 Client in the public sector

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