Use your senses. Through colors and visual cues, Yolean gives you the full picture in the blink of an eye.


Work as a team. Whether you’re all in one place or scattered across the globe, Yolean will bring you together.


Don’t complicate things. Yolean’s user-friendly interface makes getting started as easy as drag and drop.

One Tool

Many Solutions

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Yolean for Construction

With Yolean you can achieve the full potential of pull planning in both design and execution phases. The simplicity and intuitive interface make it easy to participate and engage in planning and follow-up for all project participants.

Project Management

Yolean connects your planning to the real conditions. With coordination and follow-up as a part of the daily routine, identification of and solutions to deviations become easier, giving you more time for preventive work.

Line Management

Yolean gives you a unified view of your team members’ workload, which allows you to quickly gauge where help is needed and where help can be given. Together you will be able to even out the workload, minimizing overtime while still delivering on deadline.


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